What software do you use?
We use Corel Draw to send images and text to the laser. We are currently running Corel Draw X3. We also can accept Adobe Illustrator CS2 files and convert them to Corel Draw.

What kind of images do you work with?
We can accept images in many formats. More important than image type is image quality or definition.

For quality engraving we need an image with as much definition as possible. 300 dpi and larger are optimal.

We can scale the image larger or smaller to fit the application and high definition helps ensure a quality end product.

If you have a photo ready image, we can scan that image and ready it for engraving.

Part of the cost of engraving is any modification that is required to make an image ready for engraving.

Weigel's Custom Laser Engraving, LLC.

Contact us at our shop in Milwaukie Oregon.

Call us at 503-652-2019 or 503-347-8121

E-mail Rob Weigel at robweigel@comcast.net

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